Look Good Feel Better’ Program Helps Cancer Patients to Cope

Hearing just the word `cancer’ is enough to get cautious. But those who get diagnosed with the same have not only to bear the pain caused by treatments of cancer, but its effects as well.

It is not a hidden fact that cancer treatment causes a number of bodily harms like chemotherapy takes away body hair. In that scenario, morale of a person gets low and he is not even able to look himself into the mirror.

In order to enhance the confidence of people having cancer, a programme, Look Good Feel Better, has been initiated. In this programme, makeup artists get an opportunity to share their skills with cancer patients as how they can cover bald hair and use eye pencils to replace eyebrows that have fallen due to cancer treatment’s effect.

Not only makeup artists, a number of companies donate their products that are useful for cancer patients. It was some 25 years ago that the idea was first time put into practice. Since then, the idea has got quite popular and has spread in many countries.

When we talk about the first Latin American country that has initiated the program, it was Argentina. Cancer is considered to be second main cause of deaths taking place in Argentina.


NOTA: http://topnews.ae/content/218949-look-good-feel-better-program-helps-cancer-patients-cope